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For the highly rated and affordable heat, air, cool, and ventilation you can count on the team of pro technicians at Design Air Conditioner & Heating to handle any job big or small.  If you are looking to get affordable rates on installations, replacements, new or refurbished units, and repairs  we can quickly and efficiently get the job done without breaking the bank.

The weather can be so unpredictable sometimes, even more so during the changes of the seasons.  With so many things we have to get done in the course of a work day, why would you want to come back to a house that is stuffy, too hot, or too cold from the effects of the weather while you were away?  Consider Virginia Beach HVACS– hire local AC repair.  This is even more important to consider when you have furry loved ones such as cats or dogs who are usually left to entertain themselves while you are gone for the workday.  If you do not already have a central air or HVAC system, then you could really be missing out on not just temperature control in your building, but air ventilation and quality as well.

Design Air Conditioner & Heating has a wide range of energy efficient appliances in the heat/cool sector, like heat pumps, mini ductless A/C, air purifiers, furnaces, and more.  A new heater installation could be just the right fit for you with a rather frigid winter approaching us soon.  If you are using an old or outdated heat system, then you could be paying for its heat loss as well when your energy bill comes in the mail.  HVACs used to deter a lot of residents from the benefits of an easy all-in-one system, but today the new opportunities for technological advancements have made them a versatile solution for whole building thermostat control.

Design Air Conditioner & Heating has been in business for several years, and hires both locally and responsibly for the best quality customer service you can get in the area.  Our team is always courteous, punctual, helpful, and we also make sure to screen everyone as part of the interviewing process.  You can be sure that the technician who arrives for your appointment time will always be on time, and will always make you feel comfortable in your home or business.  Our experience speaks for itself, as most heat pump and cooling jobs can be completed within the same day and we also offer 24/7 emergency situation response as well.  Out of town we also have air conditioning installers Suffolk.

Here at Design, we understand that home improvement expenses can be stiff, and that’s why our prices are kept affordable for virtually any budget.  We also have deals for repeat customers since we really appreciate our community members and their positive reviews mean the world to us.  We aim to not just finish a job, but create lasting relationships that last with our clients for years to come.  So give us a call or stop by the offices at Design Air Conditioner & Heating for a free quotation and set up an appointment with our team of technicians.