Eco-friendly fireplaces & stove heat

It may not seem strange that many people try to save money on their energy bills by foregoing air conditioning, but still keep their heating systems going in the winter.  The temperature change going from a hot day outside to a cold and refreshing home interior seems like a drastic difference, so that must mean the A/C utilizes more power than heating, right?  Well you would be surprised to find that in a majority of cases, this is not true; traditional heating is actually more expensive but considered “normal” when there are plenty of other choices you can use in terms of heat.  Let us at Design Air Conditioning & Heating services help you look through all of the latest advancements in heat technology units which can help you dramatically decrease, or even eliminate costs on your utility bills every month with our full stock of eco-friendly fireplaces and stoves available to the public.

Burning traditional fuels like wood and coal can cause damage to the atmosphere, resulting in drastic changes to the planet’s climate patterns over time.  We can easily reverse this trend with a more eco-friendly heat solution:  corn-burning fireplaces or stoves.  Our service menu also include gas line repairs or maintenance which can keep your kitchen gas stove working consistently for your latest recipes.

So give us at Design Air Conditioning & Heating Services a visit or call at our offices and we can help you quickly get started on the newest updates in energy-saving heat technology.  We look forward to hearing from you.